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Where do you start with wine? The varietal? Or perhaps the region? Maybe the vintage? That ineffable French word ‘Terroir’? I get caught up with all these things, not to mention oak regimes, picking dates, or any of the myriad of other complexities that wine buffs throw around like rice at a wedding. And they are important, but let’s step back for a second.


I suggest we start with the glass. Tell me, does it smell delicious? Does it taste ethereal? Does it bring you nostalgia and joy? Does it excite you? Does it demand to be shared?


These are the questions are begging to be asked, but so rarely whispered.


At Gatch, I’m trying to step back.


Ask yourself those questions first. And then I’ll tell you all about variety and region, élevage and fermentation; I’ll even dare to speak about terroir!


But first… what’s in the glass?